Termostato TH415

TH415 Thermostat in Poultry House

Designed to provide precise control of heating and cooling Double L’s TH415 Single Stage Mechanical Thermostat is the perfect addition to poultry houses. Constuction of the thermostat gives it a water-resistant NEMA 4x enclosure resistant to high humidity, airborne contaminants, and most corrosive conditions. The TH415 is equipped with a fast-responding stainless steel sensor that resists corrosion and has a 2.5 degree differential. While in the field operators can simply recalibrate the thermostat with its adjustable dial. A 316 stainless-steel sensing coil is mounted on the side of the watertight ABS plastic enclosure. 

With a temperature range of 40-104 degrees Fahrenheit, the TH415 is designed for controlling ventilation and heating equipment in even the harshest of Ag poultry house environments.  

TH415 Thermostat Adjustable Knob

La perilla ajustable del TH415
permite una fácil calibración

TH415 Thermostat

TH415 Single Stage
Mechanical Thermostat

Pieza 50165
Approx Wt: 12 ounces


Voltios A.C. 50 / 60 HZ 120V 240V
Amperios a plena carga (inductivos) 12A 10A
Amperios de rotor bloqueado 48A 36A
Amperios a plena carga (resistivos) 16A 16A
Servicio Piloto (VA / Vatios) 125 125
TH415 Thermostat Wiring Diagram


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