Double L EcoTight Shutter and DL Inlets in hog barn


Maximizing pork production involves many factors. Everything from air quality and temperature control to feeders and flooring will have an effect on profitability. Optimizing the animals’ environment can add to your bottom line.

Una forma muy importante de ahorrar combustible es tener una buena mezcla de aire para evitar la estratificación de la temperatura con el aire caliente que se queda cerca del techo y el aire frío que se acumula a nivel de los animales. Mezclar o agitar el aire en la unidad porcina produce menos diferencia de temperatura del techo al suelo y más uniformidad de pared a pared. Las técnicas de ventilación adecuadas y la gestión de las entradas de aire son muy importantes para promover una buena mezcla de aire en tiempo frío.

Double L Inlets help to keep your air clean, lower heating costs, and improve pig performance. Attic Inlets are structured to take warm air from the attic to heat the living area of the hog barn. The air that you and your pigs breathe cannot be seen and is easily taken for granted. Clean air is one of the most important parts of your livestock operation. The idea of using warm air from the attic to heat the living area was proven by university testing to save money on propane expenses and improve environment conditions. GC1140 Insulated Gravity Poultry Ceilng Inlets
For better air mixing, Double L Wall Inlets are designed to direct airflow towards the ceiling, allowing fresh air to mix with warm air, evenly distributing tempered air throughout the room. TJW TopJet Gravity Wall Inlets have counterweighted blades that automatically open and allow fresh air to mix with warm air, evenly distributing tempered air throughout the animal room. Engineered to open at 0.05 to 0.07 static pressure, each gravity inlet blade has an adjustable counterweight for balancing multiple inlets at different static pressures. Double L Ductwork easily adapts as a replacement for continuous baffle. Ceiling Mount Ductwork allows for two-directional air delivery from a center slot in the ceiling. The air supply is from the attic or pre-heated hallway. Corner Mount Ductwork is excellent when used to pull air out of the attic. DirectAire 4413 Recessed Wall Inlet
Ideal for new construction or as replacement shutters, Double L’s EcoTight Shutters or PVC Shutters are constructed of tough PVC to handle harsh environments. Custom made to specifications, Double L’s PVC Shutters are low maintenance, can withstand heavy pressure washing, and are simple to repair. They will never rot, rust, or corrode and all parts are replaceable. Wind / Sun Deflector for DirectAire Wall Inlets
Flooring is another key factor in optimizing the performance of your pigs. The purpose of hog flooring is to provide good traction, a comfortable surface, and durability. Hog slats should be designed, constructed, and maintained so as not to cause injury or suffering to pigs standing on it. They should also allow manure to filter readily, helping to maintain a clean, healthy environment for your pigs. Pig flooring that is easier to clean improves labor efficiency and reduces the transmission of diseases.  Double L Group offers flooring options designed with these important characteristics in mind: nursery floorfarrowing floorcast iron floorplastic floor, and flooring accessories. Poultry Stir Fan
Double L’s 4′ x 6′ Wean-to-Finish Pig Mat helps improve your pigs comfort, environment, health, and productivity by keeping nursery pigs warm and dry while avoiding diseases, all of which helps to get pigs off to a fast start. Besides being great for creep feeding, the 4′ x 6′ polyethylene Wean-to-Finish Pig Mats are non-conductive and act as a barrier between the pig and the cold floor.  Easier to lift than rubber mats, Double L’s Pig Mat has handles and are lightweight for ease of carrying, transport, and storage. Poultry-Red-Rooster-Flooring