Deflector de Viento / Sol (Campana)

Para reducir la luz que entra por las entradas laterales de tu corral, es necesario instalar campanas o deflectores de viento sobre cada entrada en la pared.

Proven to be the most efficient poultry hood on the market, Double L’s Wind / Sun Deflector was designed for minimal air restriction, delivering more air than the standard poultry hoods used on today’s poultry houses.

With a UV protectant material, the Wind / Sun Deflector is protected from the sun’s rays and will not discolor or become brittle with age. The Wind / Sun Deflector is a poultry hood that reduces rain, wind, and sun from flowing into your poultry house.

Wind / Sun Deflector for DirectAire Wall Inlets

Part 90555C
Dimensions: 48″L x 18.75″W x 12″
Ship Weight: 6 lbs / 2.7 kg
80 Deflector Hoods / Pallet

Made In USA
Wind Sun Deflector Poultry Hood for DirectAire 4408 and 4108 Wall Inlets

Ideal para la almohadilla de celda fría

Part 90555WDC
Dimensions: 48″L x 13.25″W x 8″
Ship Weight: 3 lbs / 1.4 kg
120 Deflector Hoods / Pallet

Made In USA


20 inch Circulating Fan

18″, 20″, and 24″ Circulating Fans