TJP2655LT TopJet Gravity Wall Inlets

TJP poultry inlets feature patented counterbalance louvers that open from the top instead of the bottom. TJP Inlet air is directed towards the peak of the chicken house, utilizing the heat collected at the poultry house peak. The use of TJP wall air Inlets eliminate curtain and baffle pulley and cable management required with traditional winter inlet systems.

The TJP2655LT, TJP2665LT, TJP2675LT TJP poultry inlets consist of a complete poultry inlet with housing and light trap. This wall air inlet is designed with a weighted counterbalance louver that opens from the top instead of the bottom. This directs air along the ceiling and holds air up longer while mixing with room air. Minimal air restriction from the light trap.

TJP2655LT and TJP2665LT TopJet Gravity Air Inlets

PATENT NO. 6,475,078

Made In USA

TJP2655LT, TJP2665LT, TJP2675LT
TopJet Gravity Wall Inlets w/ Light Trap

TJP2655LT – Part 90735
TJP2665LT – Part 90738

TJP2655LT opens at .055 SP
TJP2665LT opens at .065 SP
TJP2675LT opens at .075 SP

Ship Weight: Approx. 34 lbs. per inlet

TJP2655LT TopJet Gravity Wall Inlets