Shutter Cover

Shutter Blank for EcoTight Shutter or OEM Shutters
  • Simple, unique, and effective “common sense” way to winterize fan shutters
  • Panel stops cold air leakage and shutter flutter – reducing heater run time and lowering operating costs
  • R-Value = R3 from multiple vanes in panel
  • Panel is easy to store and light to handle in summer months
  • Do not have to remove fan shutters to winterize with this design
  • No more fan shutter damage due to handling / storing in off-season
  • Translucent panel allows natural light to enter the hog barn
  • Flex tip U-Channel pre-installed on panel seals off from any water, dirt or air leakage
  • Designed to work with Eco Tight Shutter and other fan shutters on the market
  • Designed for expansion and contraction
  • Custom sizes available
  • Made in the USA


FLIR Photo at 2400 head finishing site in eastern Iowa

Above FLIR photo was taken at a 2,400 head finishing site in eastern Iowa when the outside temperature was below 0° F temperatures.

54” fans are shown with cold air leakage coming into the facility – shown by the purple areas on the shutter front.

FLIR Photo at same finishing site with Shutter Blank

Above FLIR photo was taken at the same finishing site in eastern Iowa 15 minutes after the Shutter Cover was installed on the 54” fans.

Note the reduction in cold air leakage and insulation provided on the fans depicted by the uniform yellow / orange tones captured by the FLIR camera.

Snapping Shutter Blank in place
Shutter Blank Custom Sizes
Shutter Blank for Grower