Swine Flooring Accessories

3/8" Cast Iron Farrowing Floor Clip
  1. Prevents Cast Iron Floor from Separating
  2. All stainless steel construction
PermaBeam Hog Flooring Accessories
Plastic Clip - Flooring Accessories
  1. Protects bottom of beam from rubbing on concrete
12319 - Plastic Triangle Beam Support
  1. Triangulated for maximum stability
  2. Plastic construction
  3. Can be lagged to floor
  4. Protects and stabilizes fiberglass beam
leg kit flooring accessory, hog flooring parts

Beam support for longer clear spans

jbolt washer locknut accessories
  1. 3/8″ stainless steel
  2. Specifically designed to fit the PermaBeam and lock flooring securely in place
Hog Locking Pin Flooring Accessories